Manufacture a resilient and sustainable future with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Predict disruptions and accelerate responses with cloud solutions that benefit every area and role within your organisation

- Chief Human Resources Officer
- VP of Human Resources

" I need to enable employee development and collaboration so I can retain the top diverse talent"

Empower workforce

Equip workers with digital tools
and modern devices

Improve training, reskilling and
knowledge management


Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Viva Learning
Microsoft Power Platform for
frontline workers

-VP of Manufacturing

" I need to facilitate and encourage growth by empowering the productivity of my workforce"

Create an agile factory of the future:

Reach new levels of safety, productivity and

Improve plant quality and efficiency.


- Chief Operating Officer
- VP of Supply Chain

"I need the agility to minimise
risks and capitalise on future

Enable resilient supply chains

Improve collaboration and trust.

Anticipate disruptions using market data


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
"I need reliable collaboration tools that provide remote monitoring through digital threads, feedback loops and outcome situations."

- Chief Technology Officer
- Product Engineer

Drive digital innovation

Build and deliver new products and services.

Create new business models and revenue


- VP of Sales
- VP of Customer Service

" I need to quickly address
customer issues remotely
while collaborating in
real time with peers"

Support customer engagement

Ensure efficient end-to-end service experiences.
Increase digital selling margins.


Dynamics 365 Sales
Dynamics 365 Field Service
HoloLens 2
Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is designed to support organisations
at every level of digital maturity and any stage of digital transformation.

It's a full package of cloud solutions that seamlessly connect people,
assets, workflows and business processes
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